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instruments, effects, dialogues recording

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game audio implementation, audio programming

CarX soundtrack

Smoke from a burning rubber, roar of sports car engines, great physics, and а lot of action and adrenaline! That’s all about the most ever wanted drift racing simulator from CarX, with millions of fans all over the world. To support this great game atmosphere we composed energy soundtrack, consisting essentially from rock and electronic music. We are very grateful for interesting cooperation with CarX team, and really appreciate the trust to be one of the credits of such great project.

You can download CarX Drift Racing here:

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Get Inside

In this example we create sound design, recorded dialogues, and made implementation to this free Unity3d template with FMOD Studio. Particular attention was paid to the implementation of sounds produced by objects, that have their strict zone of distribution. So the ambience of the game changes depending on the movement of the camera and the player hears the approach to certain objects on the stage. Also was made dynamic implementation of steps that changes their sound depending on the surface which player is moving on.


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